Sunday, January 25, 2015


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Beauty ...

Dawn of Foros. Baikal. Dead Sea.


Gold drops in October
Gold drops in October
will gather in the sparkling links.
Allow to kiss you
the midst of random moments.
Gold drops in October
I poglazhu your hair ...
It was the sky was cloudy and humid.
This world is made ​​up for two -
the rest, in fact - it does not matter.
Protecting against autumn storms,
I'll warm you as I can.
A necklace of fallen stars
you wear regal neck.
Please turn to me.
The wind blows the star leaves ...
Smile in the evening silence -
Nothing that come autumn ...
Gold drops October
Wind blows the star leaves ...
allowed to kiss you,
Nothing that come autumn ... Peter Davidov
Gold drops in October
Gold drops in October
Gold drops in October
Gold drops in October
Gold drops in October

In the forest fairy again go for a walk.
Magic Secrets and a gentle cool
forest call me. And will waft
Forest Tales me. And you'd better not ...
Gold drops in October

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