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The crisis in the global economy - not a reason to give up traveling. To enjoy the holidays and you can save both the European resorts, and in the CIS countries. Presenting your attention the ten directions, which should look in 2015, and explain than attractive - from the point of view of the purse - these countries.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis

10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: it does not have any contact with the euro or the dollar. The national currency of Georgia is the Georgian Lari exchange rate which this winter ranges from 27 rubles, and in exchange, and banks readily accept Russian money. Georgia as a welcoming hostess, which lodges and tasty feed for a nominal sum. Liter of wine is worth about 3 GEL, overnight in a budget hotel in Tbilisi will cost 30-40 GEL, however, for the same money, and sometimes cheaper, you can remove the separate apartment in Batumi. Hostels cost from 8 to 25 GEL per day.
What to do: measure the steps Tbilisi Rustaveli Avenue, take a walk on super modern glass bridge of peace and the ancient streets of the Georgian capital, coming down the stairs from the fortress Narikala see the highest, 101-meter, the temple in Georgia called Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. And climb the mountain Mtatsminda, from the top of which offers a beautiful view of the city, wander around the block Abanotubani, where once settled in Tbilisi baths, and look at the most ancient urban structure of surviving to the present day - the church Anchiskhati. And, of course, plenty to eat meat and drink wine, because the locals claim that it is probably the best in the world.
Visa: not needed, the visa-free stay - up to 90 days, the validity of the passport - not less than three months after the end of the trip.
Flights: flight Moscow - Tbilisi - 11 000 round-trip.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: despite the appreciation of the euro Greece remains one of the most cost tourist destinations in Europe. Because of the ongoing economic crisis the average price of housing and food are almost twice lower than in other European resorts. Remove the double room Rhodes is a 30 euro per night, dinner - 15-20 euros. In 2015, Greek hoteliers promise tourists significant discounts on accommodation and services. Already, tour operators offer tours to issue early booking with a 45-percent discount.
What to do: sunbathe on the beaches of the island of Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Kos and swim in Santorini, the most romantic place in the Mediterranean. Adventurers and adventurers will be interesting wreck diving and excursions to the ruins of the ancient world. Gourmets will discover an easy and delicious Greek cuisine. History and art lovers will appreciate the many interesting museums - the famous Acropolis and the Numismatic Museum in Athens to Santorini wine museum. In the Acropolis is always a quiet and pleasantly cool, so here is worth a look in the midday hours to get a good look at the ancient sculptures and original ancient marble statues; in the evening you can look at the illuminated Parthenon.
Visa: need, Greece is among the countries of the Schengen agreement. Visa fee - 35 euros.
Flights: flight Moscow - Athens - from 13 500 rubles there and back.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: Latvia flying one of the major European low-cost airlines - AirBaltic, known for his great offers (for example, the action "Summer prices" flight from Moscow to Riga will cost 79 euros). Ground transportation is inexpensive, will be pleasantly surprised food prices, and the average check at a restaurant will be about 20 euros. Main areas of expenditure in this Baltic country will stay in a hotel.
Things to do in summer - relax on the Baltic Sea: the sun on the beaches of Jurmala, quiet and comfortable Saulkrasty and cultural Liepaja. Winter - skiing in Cesis, where the ski resort Žagarkalns with experienced instructors and five trails of varying complexity and length. All year round - a walk through the ancient streets of the Latvian cities, relax in the spa hotels and sanatoriums Riga, discover all the beauty of "Latvian Switzerland" - Sigulda national park, ride a ferry cruise to Stockholm and go around the knight's castles, palaces barons and small manor houses. But the main thing is worth to come to Latvia - is, of course, its capital, Riga medieval beauty. It is distinguished by features an elegant architecture and a unique atmosphere that you can feel, explore the old center, starring Soviet blockbuster "Sherlock Holmes" and "17 Moments of Spring."
Visa: for a trip to Latvia need a Schengen visa, you can get it yourself at the embassy or arrange through a travel agency. Visa fee - 35 euros.
Flights: flight Moscow - Riga - 6 500 rubles there and back.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: in Armenia cheaper than in Russia - from hotels and restaurants to the products on the markets and shops. Here, in the course of its own currency, the rate of which looks very attractive on the background of the dollar and the euro (1 ruble = 12 drams). So, a hearty meal in the cozy restaurant in the heart of Yerevan will cost mere pennies by Moscow standards - only 4,000 drams (about 480 rubles), a bottle of brandy 6-star "Ararat" - 1000 AMD (about 120 rubles), a kilo of juicy apples - 850 drams (about 120 rubles). Housing prices start from 10 000 AMD, but you can save if you book a hotel or an apartment for 5-6 months before the trip or stay.
What to do: Armenia - beautiful and very ancient country, which combines pristine nature and old architectural buildings. At least three days worth spending a sunny Yerevan, who is older than Rome for 29 years (the Italian capital was founded in 753 BC. E., And Yerevan - in 782 BC). And then off to explore an impressive collection of cultural and natural Antiquities: see the ruins of ancient monasteries and fortresses dating back 1,700 years comes to a dip in the crystal clear waters of Lake Sevan and drink mineral water from the springs of Jermuk. Winter in Armenia come to ski and snowboard. The local ski resort of Tsaghkadzor - the main Olympic base in the former Soviet Union - a well-groomed slopes, oriented for skiers of all abilities. Here you can relax in just 24 000 AMD per person per night. The price includes accommodation in a comfortable hotel, dinner at a cafe and a ski pass for the day.
Visa: is not required, it is replaced with a stamp in the passport, which is put on the border. Maximum stay in the country - no more than 180 days within six months.
Flights: flight Moscow - Yerevan - 10 700 rubles there and back.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: due to the fact that Finland is located on the border with Russia, to reach this country simply and cheaply. The bus ride from St. Petersburg - Helsinki - St. Petersburg will cost an average of 800-1800 rubles. By train - more expensive but faster and more comfortable: the cost of tickets for the train "Allegro" and "Leo Tolstoy" starts from 3,000 rubles one-way. Prices for goods and services in Finland is quite democratic, level of service - guaranteed high. Wanting to save money on accommodation, should give preference to the cottages, lodges and tourist camp (from 20 euros per night). If still choose classic hotel, you should opt for the local chains Cumulus, Scandic, Finlandia, Sokos and Omena (from 126 euros per night for two people).
Finland is famous for its Mega-Sale: Christmas (from 27 December until the end of January) and summer (from 23 June to mid-August), when the clothes, shoes and household appliances can be purchased with a 70 percent discount. Russian buyers often arrange races on department stores Stockmann, Prizma supermarkets and shopping network Sokos. In addition, popular among our countrymen are shopping centers Forum (occupies an entire city block) and Kamppi with affordable prices.
Things to do in Finland - an ideal place for lovers of wild nature of the north. You can go to the lake Saimaa and there dvuhkilogrammovy catch trout, ride reindeer Lapland, go to multi-day safaris Husky sled dogs. Children will be interested in the village of Santa Claus and Moomin Park. Skiers and snowboarders - on the slopes Ruka and Ukko-Koli. In summer it made to rest on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, to fish in the cleanest lakes in North Karelia, gather in the woods cranberries and blueberries, or arrange trips to numerous nature reserves. And yet, this northern country for shopping. Come here not only for the democratic Finnish stamps, but also European brands that during sales are much cheaper than in Russia.
Visa: need, Finland is among the member countries of the Schengen Agreement. Visa fee - 35 euros.
Flights: flight Moscow - Helsinki - 10 840 rubles there and back.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why here to go to the crisis: the national currency of Azerbaijan - manat - depends on the fluctuations of the euro and the ruble is 84, but the prices for products and services is lower than in Russia. For example, a complete meal with wine in the Azerbaijani restaurant will cost 20 manat for one person, a trip by bus or train from Baku to Ganja - the second largest city in the country with a variety of architectural and historical monuments - will be worth 6 manat. The only thing you have to spend money properly - accommodation: prices for double rooms in the heart of the capital start from 50 manat.
What to do: in the past, one of the stops of the Great Silk Road, now the country offers a fascinating and inexpensive holiday on the coast of the Caspian Sea. The best beaches are located on the Apsheron Peninsula, where the bathing season lasts from May to September. Unique black sand can be found in the south in the town of Lankaran, which is on the border with Iran. Azerbaijan's interests and its collection of archaeological sites and attractions. For example, in the cosmopolitan Baku is the historical and architectural reserve Old City, also known as the Baku acropolis or Inner City. Here are preserved fifteen oldest mosques of the country, but here was filmed the famous scene from "Damn it!" From the movie "The Diamond Arm". In Nakhichevan - one of the oldest cities of the Earth - is the mausoleum of Noah, whose Ark (the Bible) washed up on the mountains of Ararat. A 50 km from the hospitable city of the country, Ganja, you can see one of the wonders of nature, akin to our Baikal - Lake Goygol.
Visa is not required if the duration of the trip does not exceed 90 days, enter only passport.
Flights: flight Moscow - Baku - 13 000 round-trip.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: in Israel use the new shekel, which costs about 15 rubles. Almost all restaurants and shops you can pay cards of Visa and MasterCard. It should be borne in mind that the banks in Israel are working only from Sunday to Thursday, Friday - before noon and Saturday - closed. If the amount of purchases, except for rental and car exceeds $ 100, 16% VAT will be back in special offices. Hotels in Israel are quite expensive, with an average of 60-120 dollars per night, so it is very popular hostels, where for $ 20 offer beds, breakfast and free internet. Possible for relatively little money to rent accommodation in the private sector. The cost of lunch or dinner is highly dependent on the place where you stay (from 50 to 300 shekels), so you need to know in advance the order of prices in some cities.
What to do: sunbathe and dive and snorkel on the sandy beaches of Eilat, take their first diving lessons or hone the skills of diving in the coral forests of Paradise Reef and experience the feeling of weightlessness, splashing in the waters of the Dead Sea. During the cooler months come here more for the spiritual blessings. Worth seeing, but better to visit the Holy Sepulcher, Calvary Temple Mount, 1.5-kilometer street Via Dolorosa, which is in Jerusalem, and of course the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. You should not lose sight of Jaffa (a suburb of Tel Aviv), with its cozy shops, delicious restaurants and the famous flea market Shook ha pishpishim.
Visa: not needed, if the trip does not exceed 90 days, but for crossing the border should prepare maximum of supporting your travel intentions documents.
Flights: flight Moscow - Ben-Gurion - from 8,000 rubles round trip.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: Bulgaria has its own currency, which proudly called "the Bulgarian lev."Now the "Lion" can be bought for 36 rubles. The visa fee is offset by lower compared to Schengen prices. Here you can find affordable accommodation in the hotel and in the private sector (for example, a double room in the resort of Burgas will cost 23 leva per day), but remember: the majority of two- and three-star hotels in this country differs from each other only in price. Local spirits - brandy - is located within 15 leva per bottle. A good lunch or dinner - 60-80 leva for two.
Things to do in summer they come here to correct health and relax on the beaches. The most popular resorts of the Black Sea Riviera - a small peninsula Sozopol, famous for its sandy beaches and romantic haven, a large and bustling Sunny Beach with a large selection of entertainment and convenient beach for every taste and health resort of Golden Sands, which is suitable for families. Winter in Bulgaria good skiing. All three mountain ranges in Bulgaria - Pirin, Rila and Rhodope - certainly does not compare with the Alps, but safe for beginners. Families with children and novice riders should go to the ski resort of Pamporovo and Borovets (there are ski schools with Russian-speaking instructors and a full set of slopes of varying difficulty). The resort of Bansko is famous for the variety of trails. Rila Monastery - the main Orthodox pilgrimage site in the Balkans. Vanga grandmother fans will be interested in her house-museum in the village of Rupite. Amazing partially sunken city of Nessebar.
Visa: can be issued for the ordinary 1750 rubles (4 days) or express for 3500 rubles (2 days). Bulgaria has not yet joined the Schengen area, but if you have a valid visa for this zone, it is also nice.
Flights: flight Moscow - Sofia - 15 000 round-trip.
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why here to go to the crisis: the course of the Turkish Lira is not a predatory, such as the euro or the dollar, and currently stands at an average of 28 rubles. To attract tourists, hoteliers have already begun to do for the Russians discount room rates. Thrifty travelers can rent a house from local. Room in Istanbul will cost an average of 800 liras a month, the apartment - a little more expensive. Here you can have a meal for 5-10 lire, a complete dinner - 20-40 pounds. ATMs "Denizbank" across the country, you can withdraw cash from the card "Savings" with no commission. Paper rubles to carry not recommend - you can exchange them, but in exchange rate may be even less favorable than the rate of the euro or the dollar took off.
What to do: everyone will find in Turkey that is looking for. Beachgoers - solar Marmaris Side and Kemer.Experienced riders and snowboarders - Resorts Uludag and Palandoken. Archaeologists and history buffs - the ancient city of Phaselis, Ephesus, Troy and Aspendos. Fans of unusual landscapes - white expanses of Pamukkale. A Christian pilgrims - the holy places in Demre, Antakya and Cappadocia. Special attention is given to Istanbul. Mosque of incredible beauty, among which must see - Blue and Hagia Sophia. Do not forget to go down to the Basilica Cistern, look at the Topkapi Palace, the climb to the Galata Tower, wander through the streets of the old town and a ride on the ferry on the Bosphorus. In winter, be sure to try salep - a traditional warming drink based on milk.
Visa: not needed, the 60-day visa-free stay can be extended annually up to 90 days on the spot or in advance. It should be borne in mind that from 1 January 2015, the term of the passport must be at least 60 days from the date of the visa.
Price tours: from 19 000 rubles per person (airfare plus lodging and meals at the hotel 3-4 stars for the week).
10 countries in which the need to rest during the crisis


Why do you need to go here: of course, better to go here all the same with dollars that are in any corner can be exchanged for local currency - Egyptian pounds (in common - guineas, lyre). If you do not want to upset their contact with currency exchange rates, clarify this point with your tour operator - in major resort towns like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh often can be exchanged for pounds Russian rubles. In Egypt, for all tourists traditionally cheap. Most prices easily "opolovinit" thing when shopping - bargain: the process from the Egyptians erected almost to the level of national entertainment. Most Egyptian hotels work on an "all inclusive", which helps to save on vacation. By the way, it is possible that in the near future, the Egyptians already introduce ruble settlement with Russia in the field of tourism.
What to do: in the first place - diving. Local Sea - one of the assets of the country: a myriad of colorful fish will not leave anyone indifferent. After - to go into the desert: its inhabitants, Bedouins earn that show tourists their way of life. Here you can taste Arab cuisine, ride on a camel or sand buggy, and see a mirage, watch the show, and even spend the night. On one or more days, you can go to Cairo, where the main attractions: the pyramids, archaeological museums, City of the Dead, and everything happening proudly watching the Sphinx. In Luxor is worth seeing on the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut. If time permits, you can enroll in one of the many diving schools (and receive a certificate) to Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam or windsurfing - Hurghada or Dahab.
Visa: Egyptians canceled a $ 25 fee, and from 15 January to 30 April and the visa sticker is pasted at the airport for free. On it you can stay in the country one month, if necessary - to extend the visa for another 30 days in any major city.
Price vouchers from 26,000 to 80,000 rubles per person (airfare plus lodging and meals at the hotel 3-5 stars for the week).

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