Friday, December 5, 2014


The dream of many people live near the ocean, where it's always warm and bustle. This is especially the dream of those people who love surfing, because then you can conquer the waves every day. To compete in the sport photographers make great shots. Two young surfer in the Toad Rock, Java.

In 2005, Keala Kennelly set a record, riding the biggest wave of women in Teahupoo. Kelly Slater - nine time world champion surf standing on the board off the coast of the island of Tasmania. Mick Fanning of Australia participates in competitions «Billabong Pro», which took place in Tahiti. Kelly Slater participates in «Billabong Rio Pro», Rio de JaneiroSurfer in Newport Beach, Calif. The American Bruce Irons during «Billabong Pro Tahiti». Anthony Wolsey from Australia.Surfer in Newport Beach, California. Geordie Meath participates in competitions «Rip Curl Pro» in Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia. A huge wave in Newport Beach, Calif. Newport Beach, California jump off a cliff into a wave.

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