Friday, November 14, 2014


Nature may sometimes not easy to surprise. These incredible shots can simply deny the power of speech. The amazing beauty that you see the heart Landing in the morning mist unusual clouds. Now we know how to look like angels ice cave, lighted torch Ladybug in the morning dew Cloud: incredible picture Rain over the plain - the view from the airplane One Million Tsunami cloud magical place in Austria - Grüner See One of the most unusual natural phenomena in the world. From August to April - a regular park and spring melt water from the mountains flooded his 4-8 meters. And so every year, a rare and amazing atmospheric phenomenon - "fire rainbow" rainbow refraction of light in water droplets Sea sand under a microscope with a 300-fold increase Rhodochrosite - beautiful mineral, also known as Inca Rose View from 8000 meters altitude Splash - from an abandoned in stone water during sunset In rare cases, you can see a rainbow of 360 ° from the plane crystal clear ice of Lake Baikal Blooming Lotus Lavender fields. Dawn. Imagine this fragrance ... 


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