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Clouds, like different subjects

Society of Lovers of clouds published a book titled "Clouds like different things." The book was a huge number, and it is no wonder there is something to see! huge fish over Ireland lenticular cloud on the mountain lion's head in Cape Town, looks like a flying saucer UFO Over the Northern Territory of Australia painted lips over Nottingham, Englandwaving people over Scotland Dolphin, California Arrow over Melbourne, Australia Pointer in Milford Sound, New ZealandSeahorse, Australia Waterfall of clouds in Geneva, Switzerland. Taken by the captain of the aircraft Gianni Cerutti.White Rabbit Doggie Group rowers  Dragon Drama "Hamlet" Poor Yorick scene :) The girl on the beach This photo from Freund   vnkorol  herd of elephants stretched out his trunks: From Freund  svkorban    Dragon: source

Very beautiful photos of the Belarusian nature photographer Igor Denisov

10 (670x503, 141Kb)

8 (670x503, 164Kb)
3 (670x503, 91Kb)
2 (670x503, 90Kb)
13 (670x503, 141Kb)
16 (670x503, 154Kb)
7 (670x503, 160Kb)
9 (670x503, 172Kb)
1 (670x503, 74Kb)
11 (670x503, 94Kb)
14 (670x503, 173Kb)
15 (670x503, 104Kb)
6 (670x503, 64Kb)
4 (670x503, 141Kb)
5 (670x503, 155Kb)
27 (670x450, 29Kb)
28 (670x503, 128Kb)
20 (670x492, 50Kb)
21 (670x503, 93Kb)
22 (670x503, 100Kb)
24 (670x503, 92Kb)
25 (670x460, 42Kb)
23 (670x503, 69Kb)
18 (670x503, 79Kb)
19 (670x484, 76Kb)
26 (670x503, 64Kb)
17 (670x503, 94Kb)
32 (488x700, 115Kb)
18 (670x504, 63Kb)
16 (475x700, 84Kb)

Hungarian photographer Ildiko Neer (Ildiko Neer), by the standards of professionals, novice - she enjoys photography only since 2009. However, during this time was able to achieve excellence.Especially in the area of ​​post-processing photos that give her images a special charm and emotional coloring
451437 (700x700, 280Kb)

451417 (700x700, 259Kb)
451430 (700x700, 595Kb)
451452 (700x466, 483Kb)
451411 (700x466, 362Kb)
451 413 (700x466, 364Kb)
451 415 (700x700, 722Kb)
451 433 (700x700, 200Kb)
451449 (700x700, 204Kb)
451444 (700x700, 226Kb)
451 463 (700x463, 252Kb)
451 470 (700x461, 92Kb)
002 (700x466, 296Kb)
At the pond

Contemplation reservoirs gives peace of mind and awakens the inner wisdom
1273649895_1263459278_1240171652_foto_50 (700x470, 61Kb)
4278666_1309070376_0_b471f_f8aff72a_xl (700x525, 119Kb)
4278666_1328700597_0_69ba6_ebfcf9df_xxl_resize (700x490, 144Kb)
1273649858_1263459307_1009 (700x700, 87Kb)
1274065588_1257762433_6 (700x525, 94Kb)
1305280303_7ac60bbc9f4e663ae449a829587287e7_6 (700x466, 103Kb)
1307447847_74187624_100_incredible_nature_wallpapers_1600x900_1600x1200_1920x1080_1920x1200_1019351_resize (700x393, 82Kb)
1308380528_53181917_300 (699x523, 384Kb)
1321167125_33fb2587c2d1t_resize (700x464, 134Kb)
1335014744_85664320_large_1332010087_0_73f46_8768b0c4_xl (700x525, 252Kb)
4278666_1321167085_50734906_113_resize (700x467, 134Kb)1335014748_85664336_large_1332010125_0_72be7_e4bd0c65_xl (700x525, 170Kb)
4278666_1338219900_0_ca17b_b8d954ed_xl (700x465, 163Kb)
4278666_1309070336_0_b470d_5901d548_xl (700x598, 201Kb)
4278666_1336728031_0_c9383_63143677_xl (700x462, 186Kb)

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