Thursday, October 23, 2014


In the world of colors so warm and cool, the
whole bunch of flavors and sounds ...
Each flower - he in his own smart ...
In the form of fine holiday cups. In the world of flowers I wanted to stay used, become the heroine of stories and fairy tales, beauty to enjoy every day, Merge with the harmony of light and color .

DSCN5323 (700x525, 78Kb)
DSCN5337 (700x525, 74Kb)

IMG_0399_hf (700x492, 318Kb)
IMG_1747 (700x525, 112Kb)
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IMG_1722 (700x525, 161Kb)
IMG_2533 (700x525, 195Kb)
DSCN5332 (525x700, 75Kb)
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