Sunday, May 10, 2015


After the rain.
16324 (600x398, 24Kb)

The storm has passed. Colored lights
shining in the sun wet foliage. Firmament parted with clouds - and a pink sunset came into law.Jubilant bird! World Transformed in the evening light is colorful and fresh! And my sadness, as a draft burnt, crumbled into sparks of hope.

133246 (700x534, 91Kb)

post-8-1147939618 (700x579, 45Kb)

wallpapers_53084 (700x560, 122Kb)

1290319756_1290245035_6 (570x427, 54Kb)

1280495291 (700x503, 146Kb)

% CF% EE% F1% EB% E5_% E4% EE% E6% E4% FF1 (700x525, 83Kb)

38455-1152x864 (700x525, 96Kb)

2075481 (700x542, 93Kb)

DSC06224 (700x524, 84Kb)

627,524 (700x552, 71Kb)

0b19da27dba779095d81918eb3696380 (600x450, 47Kb)

0_39ca7_f42421fb_XL (700x560, 59Kb)

35494 (700x525, 138Kb)
It's amazing what can create the beauty of nature !!!

18f554bbe018 (600x552, 50Kb)
41410866_1237748077_10 (650x460, 17Kb)

0afdc58fcdce (600x433, 57Kb)

4d179b2980e5 (600x600, 97Kb)

5af4181045af (600x493, 40Kb)

52f9156cf998 (600x414, 42Kb)

62a6068fc24d (600x450, 67Kb)

65fa7f3ae73d (600x417, 20Kb)

133b9272559d (600x396, 24Kb)

908daebe5088 (600x480, 92Kb)

381839cfaba8 (600x400, 64Kb)

16843289dcf1 (600x528, 63Kb)

41410848_1237747969_1 (650x433, 36Kb)

41410850_1237747980_4 (650x677, 36Kb)

41410852_1237747992_2 (650x448, 46Kb)

41410854_1237748005_3 (498x699, 132Kb)

41410856_1237748016_5 (650x537, 34Kb)

41410860_1237748040_7 (650x435, 21Kb)

41410870_1237748101_12 (650x501, 32Kb)

41410872_1237748115_13 (650x443, 29Kb)

41410874_1237748129_14 (650x450, 16Kb)

41410876_1237748141_15 (650x449, 19Kb)

41410878_1237748157_16 (650x488, 37Kb)

41410868_1237748089_11 (650x488, 89Kb)
Flowering trees
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