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Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-7
«Wiki Loves Monuments» or "Wiki Loves Monuments" - it is the largest international photo contest in the world, which is a very noble goal - to collect photographs documenting the material heritage of mankind and make it available for free use by all people of the world. The competition was attended by professionals and amateurs from 40 countries that have sent almost 321,000 photos, 400 of which were awarded prizes. We chose the 30 best of them, the first ten images - are the winners of the contest "Wiki Loves Monuments 2014", and the rest - it's just amazing places on Earth. 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-11.  Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra, Ukraine. (Photo: Konstantin Brizhnichenko). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-22.  The station Gare du Nord, Paris. (Photo: MrsEllacott). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-33.  Cormorants on the platform in the village Joevik, in the fjord near Tromso, Norway. (Photo: Siri Uldal). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-44.  The old oil mill in Vorarlberg, Austria. (Photo: Böhringer Friedrich). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-55.  Montfort Castle, Israel. (Photo: Eran Feldman). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-66.  Mount St. Michael in Cornwall, UK. (Photo: Fuzzypiggy). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-77.  Tower Bridge in London at dawn. (Photo: Fuzzypiggy). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-88.  The valves of the Victorian era (Victoria Baths), Manchester, UK. (Photo: RevDave). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-99.  Inside the "Teatro de Rome", Murcia, Spain. (Photo: Pedro J Pacheco). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1010.  Inside the church of St. Peter, Teruel, Spain. (Photo: Diego Delso). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1111.  Holy Stone tribe shamans themselves. Neighborhood Troemso, Norway. (Photo: Siri Uldal). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1212.  Shrine of Wat Phra That Khao Noi in Nan, Tiland. (Photo: K.Phothiwijit). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1313.  Assumption Cathedral in Smolensk. 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1414.  Old bridge in Bratislava. (Photo: Izzino25). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1515.  Statue of Buddha temple complex Wat Si Chum, Thailand. (Photo: WORAVUDH). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1616.  Buddhist temple Wat Arun in Thailand. 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1717.  Tomb of Bibi Jawindii, great granddaughter Jahaniyana Jahangashta - XIV century Sufi saint, Pakistan. (Photo: Shah zaman baloch). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1818.  Most of the Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo, Syria. 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-1919.  Khotyn fortress, Ukraine. 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2020.  Bridge Abdoun, Amman, Jordan. (Photo: Khaled Sharif). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2121.  National Monument, Islamabad, Pakistan. (Photo: Abdul Baqi). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2222.  Hedge van Rebeecka, Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo: Nat Gold). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2323.  Old Hospice, Switzerland. (Photo: Zedipedi). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2424.  Old Chapel (1747-1750 years) - is the oldest wooden church in North America. Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada. (Photo: Natidu). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2525.  Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery of St. John the Baptist, Macedonia. 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2626.  Stone tower Su Nuraxi in Sardinia, Italy. (Photo: Francesco ghiani). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2727.  The ruins of the castle Dunamase, Ireland. (Photo: RafalZabron). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2828.  The fountain in Granada, Spain. (Photo: Armando Gonzalez Alameda). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-2929.  The bridge over the Rhone, Saint-Maurice, Switzerland. (Photo: Inez). 

Wiki Loves Monuments 2014-3030.  Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo: Steven Morrow).
Collected here are images that in January of this impressed the most Internet users - in any case, they scored the most views and likes: Train in the snowy steppes of Kazakhstan. View from the planeFields Moravia, Czech Republic Picturesque ice formations in Slovenia Eye poisonous frog, Costa Rica Dog cart in Greenland Morning fog Dawn in Yosemite  national park jump off the boat, Red Sea, Egypt frost on trees Dawn of the New Year, Nepal Comet Lovejoy Shoal Belarus Seal among jellyfish, South Africa Meester's red hat Frozen River, Canada Elected Kaindy Lake was formed in Kazakhstan as a result of the devastating earthquake  Freight train in Moran, USA Inverted iceberg Blanc, France After a snowfall, Canada


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