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Crimea, Megan

Megan peninsula - one of the driest places in the Crimea. The climate is semi-arid, rainfall is very rare. Rocky shores and slopes almost devoid of vegetation, and therefore actively weathered. The resulting landscape is a typical places badlands ("bad lands"). At the coast are numerous rock slides and placers, krupnoglybovye bulk. Dry steppe vegetation predominates, there are rare trees and bushland. From Wikipedia.
The name "Megan" is of Greek etymology, it is formed from two words: the Greek. μέγας - large, spacious, important, significant and νόμος - paddock, pasture, possession, nomadic tribes roam. In the Slavonic word "Megan" was interpreted in such embodiments, "a large settlement", "big house", "big pasture." The name also applies to the complex nature monument "Peninsula Megan."
View of the Kara Dag from the slopes of the bay Provato
View of the Kara Dag Bay of the Dead
Cape Megan is 5 kilometers from Sudak, Crimea. Very scenic area, chosen by tourists who love a relaxing stay. For the most part, this and other advanced yoga tourists who practice meditation. From other tourist destinations, among other things, characterized by a complete lack of waste - there is a rest very decent people who greet you as a derevne.Ochen clean water, even during a storm. For children, it is not very convenient because there are no sandy beaches, there is only a pebble. Cozy coves, cliffs alternate with smooth hills, very convenient to install tents. There are 2 sources of fresh water. So far, there is free entry, although attempts have been taking money for entrance.
Quiet Cove is located near the village of Koktebel. Much loved by tourists because there is everything - beautiful mountain updrafts for paragliders, clean water, a source of fresh water, and an amateur, and there is pebble beaches and sandy.Nudists and fans dressed to swim here peacefully coexist.
On one of the vertices near the coastal Koktebel is the tomb M.Voloshin
At Cape St. Ilya, Crimea.
Sandy Beam is in the Crimea, for the village of Primorsko. Even in high season, few people here, and you can rest easy.
View of Cape Kiik-Atlama from Cape Ilya
The purest water in the Crimea, calm, friendly tourists, yoga, cleanliness, picturesque rocks, the presence of a spring, small groves, all this - Cape Megan.
View from Cape Megan Sudak, Crimea.
Koktebel bay and the extinct volcano Kara-Dag in the background.

Warm summer Meganom
Quiet Bay, located between the village of Koktebel and Ordzhonikidze.
Approaching Storm
The sea breathes
Rocks in the sea

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