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Unique creation of nature. Day of Lake Baikal.

Baikal. Amazing beauty of the lake, a unique creation of nature, crystal clear water ... I think everyone to a greater or lesser extent, heard about the deepest lake on the planet. And what do we know more about the lake? Baikal - the ancient pond. Geologists believe that the moment the hollow of the lake began to fill with water, it took 20-25 million years. However, modern shape Baikal bought "only" a few million years ago. Baikal is located almost in the center of Eurasia, in the high ranges of the Baikal mountain area. At length the lake stretches for 636 km in width - 80 km. By Baikal area is 31,470 km2, which is comparable to the area of Belgium (in the European country with major cities and industrial centers are home to almost 10 million people). The maximum depth of the lake - 1637 km - on the right allows you to call the Baikal the deepest in the world (average depth - 730 m). Islands Of the thirty largest is Olkhon.Olkhon Island - the largest island in Lake Baikallength - 71 km, width - about 12 km , area - 730 square kilometers. On the north-western shore of the lake forms a shallow strait Small Sea. Olkhon island only a few localities. The largest - Huzhir, Kharantsy and Uzuri. Olkhon impresses with its variety of landscapes. East Coast is the area of forests and harsh rocks. It is colder. On the east coast there are almost no settlements (exception - Uzuri), there is no tourist infrastructure. West Coast (Beach Small Sea) warmer and more picturesque. This is mainly steppe zone with deep land jutting out into the shallow bays, which are well warms up in the summer. Here you can meet and great sandy beaches, and beautiful rocks covered with red moss. In the steppe grazing herds of horses and large flocks of sheep. Population - Russian and Buryat, mostly fishermen and pastoralists. Olkhon Island Attractions: Shaman Rock, rock three brothers, Cape Khoboy area Uzuri, the Salt Lake Shara-Nur Mountain Shaman Shaman Rock is located on the Olkhon Island, Cape Burhan.The rock itself - marble, covered with red lichen - has two peaks. It is a famous cave Shamanic, the entrance to which is located almost at sea level. Since ancient times, this rock is considered a sacred place, covered with mysteries and legends. According to one of the legends of women entrance to the cave is prohibited. This legend echoes the other - of Shambhala, which is in Tibet, where a woman can not go well. To the question "why?" There are several options. According to one of them in a cave, because the rituals and offering prayers to the spirits too strong energy, which has a negative impact on the unprepared, susceptible person. Therefore, women and children (as particularly sensitive to external influences) in a cave you can not go, as it can affect their physical and mental health. According to another view, this prohibition is associated with the ancient belief that a woman is by nature evil and sinful, can defile the sacred place. As was previously believed that the cave (her aura) adversely affect the ability to make women rebenka.Peschera, which since the days of antiquity used as a place for various cults, and to this day is revered local Buryat people. To this day, her secret is haunted scientists and researchers from around the world. Baikal fill three hundred thirty-six permanent rivers and streams, and half of the water brings the Selenga. Flows out of the lake, one only - river Angara. Toynak Island This island is located in the Small Sea. The name of this island, as well as two other islands of the Small Sea (Large and Small Toynak Toynak), comes from the Buryat word "toynog", which means "patella." Indeed, these small islands just above the surface of the water - as the kneecaps. views from the island Toynak Bay Mukhur Clean, clear Baikal water, oxygen-rich, long considered to be curative. Thanks to the activity of living organisms that live in it, the water is slightly mineralized (almost distilled), which explains its crystal clarity. Spring water transparency reaches 40 meters! Kobylya head Peninsula Peninsula Kobylya head rather remarkable landscape and historical phenomenon and he deservedly in 1981 granted the status of state monument of nature. Peninsula view Kobylya head Peninsula includes some beautiful rocky headlands, bays and even a small but rather unusual lake. On the peninsula made ​​numerous archaeological finds. Traces of human presence on the mare's Head can be traced back centuries to five thousand years. Sarminskoe Gorge According to legend, the gorge Sarminskoe beat a white deer! Fleeing from the hunters, he jumped the Small Sea and was on the western shore of Lake Baikal and sped away into the mountains, clearing Sarminskoe gorge. From its strong and broad hooves on the shore of the traces. Gorge Sarma is known for the fact that it first came to Lake Baikal, Russian Cossacks. It happened in 1643 godu.Uschele quite picturesque, it goes through a canyon of a mountain river. On the left bank of the river you can see the cave paintings: the person and the trident. Climbing trail takes 6-8 hours. At the finish of the trail tourists are expected to Garnet Mountain, where you can search and find a precious stone - grenades. Muhurskaya lagoon bay Halzan with rock angel amazing and diverse flora and fauna of Lake Baikal, which makes it unique in this regard among other freshwater lakes. Who has not heard about the famous Baikal cisco? In addition to his usual lake whitefish, flax, salmon - representatives of the salmon family. Sturgeon, hariusovye, schukovye, carp, catfish, cod, perch - this is not a complete list of families of fish found in the lake. Not to mention the Baikal seal, which is the sole representative of the mammals in the lake. Crossing Baikal. Transfer Irkutsk - Huzhir Bay to Cape Khoboy Kurykanskaya wall on the rocky shores of the autumn you can see numerous aggregations of Baikal seals. Seal - not the only inhabitant of the coasts, and a variety of gulls, mergansers, Gogol, scoters, Ogar, white-tailed eagles, osprey and other birds nest on the shores and islands. Besides all the above can be seen on Lake Baikal massive landfall brown bears. Baikal seal Flora and fauna of Baikal endemic. 848 species (15%) and 133 species of plants (15%) were not found in any water body earth. The uniqueness and beauty of Lake Baikal each year attracts an increasing number of tourists, including foreigners. This also contributes to developing infrastructure. Therefore, the main task is to preserve the integrity of the ecosystem of the lake. Island mortuary stone exact origin of the name is unknown.One theory is that once upon a time, in these places lost group of fishermen from poisoning sturgeon. It turns out that the ridge extends sturgeon lived, like a soft hryaschiki. This viziga. In fresh fish - it is completely harmless, but if the sturgeon was asleep in the water, viziga his body starts to separate active poison. marina Port Baikal spit from the mainland bay Haga-Yaman cormorants on the island ROAR Island Ogoy In poetic imagery Baikal is called the blue heart of Siberia , Olkhon Island, the abode of menacing spirits of the lake, the heart of Lake Baikal, and the island Ogoy can probably be revered as "the mother-island." Pronounced similarity to the symbolism of the triple sacred language means that the selected location for the erection of grace Buddhist stupa. Added to this is that the island Ogoy, in contrast to the nearby island Zamogoi, which are being resettled in the past, patients with leprosy, at all times remained clean. It constantly except nesting gulls, never lived people, ie this area is free from negative energies of past actions of man and can be considered a "pure land". Ogoy Island. Enlightenment Stupa on the island annually nest 30-100 pairs of Herring Gulls. Ornithologists say that a few years ago on the island of nesting gulls more, but after the island on the ice in the spring fox got into the habit to go and ruin the nest, nests were only of small fox rocky cliffs of the island. southern end of Lake Baikal. Settlement Kultuk. village Baikal village is located at the source of the Angara River, on the shore of Lake Baikal, 60 km south-east of Irkutsk. Structure of the village is located on a narrow strip of coast along the railway and within four Glens. The largest and branched locals called "Little Sheep" and the other, long and narrow, referred to as "clicking." The other two are located on the banks of the Angara. CBRY 110 km, the station is half on the lake. Extreme west of Lake Baikal overgrown currant berries and here ... The Frog Princess on Sagan Khushun Barguzinsky range runs along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, in the direction from south to north, from the ancient village of Barguzin almost to track BAM. The highest point of the ridge - top 2840, the average height of about 2400-2500 m. Barguzinsky range Pointed peaks, deep gorges, high steep walls of canyons, mountain lakes show the alpine character of this mountain system. These features are explained by the relief rock from which folded mountain ridge - very solid white granite. Rarely anyone from visiting Lake Baikal leave indifferent. The diversity of the nature of its banks, the air saturated with aromas of boreal and amazingly clear Baikal water beneficial effects on humans. greatest number of trips across the lake takes place in the summer. Along with simple boat trips on boats, boating, water skiing, kayaking, many tourists prefer adventure tourism on the lake, such as rafting, diving, speleomarshruty, underwater hunting, fishing. Many come with their own watercraft to go to Lake Baikal and see not to touch civilization wild places. Tents in the Gulf of Haga-Yaman buzz - a cozy, spiritual place that plyubila Nature herself. This is one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal - old Circum-Baikal Railway ... CBRY 123km, Tunnel №18 Kirkirey 3 CBRY, excursion train Winter on Lake Baikal Lake Baikal winter covered with ice, its thickness sometimes reaches one meter. On ice 50 cm consignments of up to 15 tons, and the meter is able to withstand much more. For example, in 1904 the lake was constructed across the railway crossing. On ice stacked logs on them - the rails, and it horse-drawn baggage locomotives. The weight of some of them reached 65 tons! Frappe Baikal is one more terrible and awesome phenomenon - sometimes it breaks and cracks on the lake several kilometers and a width of 2-3 meters. In this case, the sound is spread over many kilometers and a man standing, even very far away from the crack to form, it seems that the ice breaks right under his feet. Sometimes these cracks emerged for reasons unknown, for the same reasons disappear - ice converges, and the former site of the fracture formed ice bar, a wall of ice. most severe time - January. Throughout Siberia are the most severe frosts. Baikal freezes slowly and completely covered with ice until the end of January. On this ice is already possible to walk somewhere to skate, but this - safe - it only reaches a thickness in February and March. Amazing sight appears before man. Baikal posing on the rocky shores of delicate fancy palaces and caves of transparent and, as it were glowing from the inside of the ice. He is building along the banks of abstract glass monuments - hummocks, especially unusual at sunset, when the setting sun makes them play and shine with all imaginable colors. Baikal - a treasure for lovers of fishing. Especially popular ice fishing in March and April at the Small Sea, near the island of Olkhon. Generations Baikal fishermen already know the places where in the cold season approaches the fish in search of food. But there are many of luck: sometimes you can sit out on the hole a few hours before it will go. With good fishing fisherman per day produces up to hundreds of tailings per day. And of course you need to try a truly Baikal fish dishes. Baikal ... Kormilec defender, terrible lord and harsh master, has an incredibly mystical and spiritual power. The awesome power of unimaginable volumes of water itself has a strong emotional impact, and it is not surprising that the lake, which is at all times, the locals called the "sea" was not just a character, and the scene of the legends, but also the object of spiritual practices of many religions - from paganism to Christianity. There are many ways to treat the local myths and legends: consider just beautiful, find in them rational grain or taken for granted. Should just accept that they exist and are an invaluable spiritual and cultural heritage ... here and not only ...

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