Saturday, June 6, 2009

Japan space program opens up to international astronomy geeks

jxa897231.jpgJapan's ambitious space program known as JAXA is looking to horn in on NASA's territory in popular culture by opening its training facility to the public. Next month the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will begin offering space training tours at its Tsukuba facility in Japan.

The training will allow participants to experience the sheer sci-fi terror and subsequent emergency measures undertaken when an air leak occurs inside the International Space Station, as well as offering up a stroll in one of the lightweight space suits used during space station repairs. The fact that the training tour is also offered in English is big indicator that JAXA wants to internationalize Japan's space program profile. The tours will last up to 45 minutes and will cost from 2,100 to 3,150 yen ($22-$32). You can find out more information about setting up a training

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