Friday, May 8, 2009

It's A Global Issue

Climate Warming Is a Global Problem

But the impacts and potential solutions will affect us locally and in many different ways. The challenge for each of us and for our policy makers is to pursue effective responses that are as fair as possible to all people and nations.

In this exhibition the National Academies provide scientific information to help us make informed decisions and to help answer some important questions.

Is The Climate Warming?
Are Humans Causing Climate Warming?
What Effects Might Climate Warming Have?
What Should Be Done About Climate Warming?

The general retreat of mountain glaciers during the past century is one example of evidence that the climate is changing.

Photos of South Cascade Glacier, Washington in 1928, 1979, and 2003

South Cascade Glacier, Washington
South Cascade Glacier, Washington
South Cascade Glacier, Washington

A growing body of evidence indicates that humans now have a significant impact on climate. Nevertheless, it is difficult to identify humans as the only cause of a particular weather event or local climate change.

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