Friday, May 8, 2009

Go Green With Plants

Go Green With Plants

Houseplants have more advantages for your home than just looking pretty. Houseplants can actually filter the air in your house and rid it of pollutants. Follow these guidelines to make your houseplants work for you:

• Keep one houseplant per every 10 square yards to help keep the air clean in that area

• If you mix night synthesizing plants (like orchids) with regular plants, your plants will work around the clock to filter your air

• Use a general mixture of plants to try to filter out as many pollutants as possible

Different plants are good for different pollutants, for example:

• Philodendrons and aloe plants are especially good protection against formaldehyde

• Gerbera daisies, peace lily, and English ivy are good protection against benzene and trichloroethylen

Green Environment For Your Backyard

Creating an environmentally friendly habitat for plants and wildlife is not that difficult at all. Here are some tips to create your own Green World: -Plant only trees common to the area -Do not replant flowers from the wild -Use only bulbs from cultivated stock -Use compost, grass clippings and vegetable table scraps to enrich the soil and eliminate the use of fertilizers -Never use pesticides. Encourage the presence of natural predators such as birds, frogs and ladybugs. -Use items such as buckets to collect rainwater to water your plants.

Green Food, Greener Living

Some people don't realize that the food they eat and shop for could be contributing to the rising pollution problem and global warming. Using dangerous chemicals, pollutants and hormones that can harm our bodies and the environment grow produce and other foods at the grocery store. How can you do your part? You can help eliminate this problem by buying foods that have been grown organically. Buying organic and whole foods not only benefits the health of your family, but you are helping to cut down on the chemicals going into the air that we breathe everyday. Whole foods and organic foods are grown by energy efficient practices as well as without chemicals and pesticides. Shopping for organic foods is a smart decision all around

Live A Green Lifestyle

Living a “green” lifestyle is easier than you think. There are a few simple steps you can follow that may seem small, but they are big in the fight against pollution and waste in the United States. The green motto that you can live by is “reduce, reuse and recycle.” These things can help drastically when it comes to waste and pollution in your community. Cars, groceries, food and other elements contribute to the growing problem. Here are some steps you and your family can take to do your part in the fight for a less polluted environment: Promote and support businesses that use and sell “green” products (recycled products). Drive sensible, “emission friendly” vehicles. Recycle all you can from home including glass, plastic, newspapers, motor oil, etc. By following these three simple rules above you will be preparing the world and the environment for future generations. Do your part now, so they won't have to deal with so much in the future.

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